Why Earth Day is more important | Everything you need to know

Why Earth Day is more important | Everything you need to know
Everything you need to know about earth day

Why Earth Day is more important | Everything you need to know

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated all over the world together, which 192 countries from all over the world celebrate together on 22 April. This day was first celebrated in 1970 and then gradually a network went ahead and it was decided to celebrate it by accepting it by many countries globally. In 1969, in a press conference organized by UNESCO, it was decided to celebrate this day for the first time on 21 March 1970, but later some changes were made and it was decided to celebrate it on 22 April. This day mainly depends on the environmental issues and programs of the whole world, the main purpose of this day is to motivate people for pure air, water and environment. History of Earth Day, information regarding its theme and activities to be organized on this day in the year 2019.

Earth day history facts

We are all familiar with the fact that the first Earth Day was celebrated in the year 1970, but very few people know about the incident which started this day. In 1969, a large-scale oil spill occurred in California, prompting a man named Nelson Mandela to organize a motivational program at the national level. The main objective of this program was to make people aware of environment-related issues at the national level.

On April 22, 1970, about 20 thousand Americans participated in a national movement aimed at a healthy environment and organized a rally, along with many students studying in college and school in America. In this movement against environmental pollution, thousands of youth of America's colleges and universities were involved. At this time the performance of these people was based on issues like oil spills, polluting factories, pollution from energy plants, sewage pollution, toxic wastes, pesticides, destruction of forests and extinction of wildlife. After this, the issue of environmental protection gradually increased from the US to 200 million people in 141 countries. In all the countries involved on the day of Earth Day held on 22 April 1990, encouragement was given to adopt the process of recycling. After this, in the year 2000, Hayes focused on the issue of global warming globally and at the same time, the issue of clean energy was also raised. And it was only in the year 2000 that the workers working under the Earth Day connected through the Internet. This year, about 5000 groups from all over the world came into contact with this initiative of the Internet and hundreds of millions of people from about 180 countries took part in it. In this way, since the year 1970 till now, the level of the program of Earth Day kept increasing every year and every year many countries and thousands and millions of people got involved in it.

Importance of earth day

Its importance increases because, through the environmentalist about global warming, we get to know the impact on the environment. To save lives, it is necessary to be aware about keeping the environment right. The increase in population has put an unnecessary burden on natural resources. Therefore, the importance of programs like Earth Day for the proper use of its resources has increased. According to the Live Science IPCC, an inter-governmental panel on climate change, the sea level has risen by 20% since 1880, and it has continued to rise. It can increase from 2100 to 58 to 92 centimetres, which is very dangerous for the Earth. The main reason for this is the melting of glaciers due to global warming due to which the earth may be submerged. According to the IPCC environmentalist, Maldives could be completely submerged by 2085.

The importance of Earth Day increases for the protection of humanity, it motivates us to make excellent use of fossil fuels. Celebrating this has a positive effect on the promotion of global warming, which motivates us to improve our standard of living. It cautions us for unnecessary use of energy, stating the importance of storage and its renewable. The environment remains stable in its natural form due to the activities of carbon dioxide and methane emissions. The new clean air scheme was created in the 1960s by the public awareness of pesticides and oil spills. Because of this, whatever new power plant is made, a separate device is put in it to emit carbon dioxide in small amounts. So that it has less dispersion in the environment and reduces losses.

Therefore, on April 22, Senator Nelson said that the person cannot be isolated from the environment in this world, which does not make International Day a holiday and makes people around the world aware of global warming and invests in the field of technology.

Earth day name creator

In 1969, Gaylord Nelson in Santa Barbara, California, got the idea to celebrate the day after a massive oil spill, attention to the environment against power plants, effluent wastes, toxic smoke, loss of forest and the extinction of wildlife. . Those students were greatly inspired by anti-war activities. He felt that if air and water are integrated with this awakened neo-consciousness, then he can take environmental consciousness into the national political agenda and move it forward. Senator Nelson made this announcement and, putting his views before the national media to put the idea of ​​national education on the environment into action, he recruited Republican congressmen Pete MC Kloskey and Dennis Hayes as national coordinators. He took the test of 85 national employees to promote it across the country. After that, those employees were selected after the results of the examination were declared on 22 April.

According to Nelson, the name of Earth Day was suggested by many people, along with two of his friends, one of whom was Julian Koenig, who was an executive in New York advertising. At the same time, he was also a member of Nelson's Organized Committee, he also suggested. Coincidentally, on April 22, the day chosen for Earth Day was also Nelson's birthday. Nelson called its name Environmental Education Paper but National Coordinator Dennis Hage addressed it in front of the media as Earth Day, which began to be used practically.

Earth day song

The song has been produced for them by celebrating Earth Day on an international level, it is sung in many countries. It goes into two forms, one sung by contemporary artists and the other by modern artists. UNESCO has praised the Indian poet Abhay Kumar for his creative and inspiring lyrics. It has been sung in many languages ​​like Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. It has been sung in two other languages, Hindi and Nepali.

On the occasion of the 2013 Earth Day Conference, Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor implemented it at the Indian Cultural Council program in New Delhi. Later began to be used for educational purposes. Earth Day songs were sung in online schools of British Council School, Regent School, Euro School, Kathmandu, Loreto Day School Kolkata as well as more schools. People sing this song as 'Prithvi Gaan'. Such songs are also supported by the Global Organization for Humanity.

U. s. Council General Jennifer McEntire praised Kumar for the song Prithvi. Academy Award-winning Hollywood director Jeffrey D. Brown said it is a celebration for human beings.

Major Earth Day events

Earth Day the United States ie United Nations coordinated 5 Earth Day celebrations till 1995. Then after the 25th anniversary, it was handed over to the baton. Then Earth Day of 2007 was celebrated most widely, attended by people from many countries such as Kiev, Ukraine, Caracas, Venezuela, Manila, Tuvalu, Philippines, Togo, Madrid, Spain, London and New York. In 2012, the population stabilization group in California was shifted from human thinking to its mainstream environmental development. Students and youth were also made aware to take interest in reducing environmental problems.

For Earth Day 2017, its network organization created 4 toolkits to make people aware about the subject of environment and climate literacy. Which is as follows-

  • Earth Day Proceedings Toolkits - This will work to educate people on environmental change by making them aware. Will keep an eye on all the proceedings.
  • Environmental Learning Toolkits
  • Global Day Toolkits to interact with local governments
  • Toolkits about teaching at MobilizeU's campus

Through this, by getting more information about the environment, we can contribute to its protection. In 2017 also, every year on the day of Earth Day, a march was organized as a science rally and environmental education was discussed and read in the National Mall of Washington.

Earth Day Theme

Every event celebrated at the international level has a different theme of every year by which an effort is made to attract the attention of the people on that particular issue that year. Similarly, Earth Day celebrated globally also has a different theme, the theme of Earth Day held in the last few years was as follows-


A global referendum on climate change


Clear the air


Grooming the earth


Climate change


Green City


Now it's our turn to lead


Tree to earth


Environment and Climate Awareness


Plastic pollution ends


Protect Our Spices

In this way, it was the theme of Earth Day held in the last 10 years.

Earth Day Activities organized in the year 2021

The theme of Earth Day organized in the year 2019 is "Protect Our Spices" and this year countries present all over the world will celebrate this day by activities based on this theme.

We have got millions of species on earth, which we know and love, you will also be surprised to know that we have been unable to know many of these species till now. Many species have also become extinct due to natural imbalances and pollution created by us. To deal with this problem, this year it has been made an issue, and this year its objectives are -

  • Making people aware of the extinction rate of millions of species and its causes and consequences.
  • Conquer some major policies that protect different groups and different individual species of different species, as well as preserve their habitat.
  • Start a global movement that promotes nature and its values.
  • Encourage everyone to adopt a plant-based diet and prevent pesticide use of the herbicide.

How to Celebrate Earth Day

If you also want to celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April and give your support in the theme of environmental protection, then you can celebrate it by adopting the following activities -

  • You can plant some trees on a very small level to beautify the environment around you, as well as provide shelter and food to the birds. Along with this, it will also help in preventing soil erosion and it will prove to be a very simple and effective way of celebrating Earth Day.
  • You can also organize a recycling party at your place in which you can also ask your friends to make a new item by recycling process on the West Material and encourage them by rewarding the best items.
  • You can also run a campaign to clean a park, beach, riverbank or any local area by forming a group of few people.
  • If you are associated with an organization and want to organize this day on some big level, then you can start a recycling program in your city, which does not already have a facility in your city.
  • At various levels, you can run a letter-writing campaign targeting various government offices that are not aware of this issue.

In this way, apart from these issues, you can celebrate this day in a different and new way according to yourself. This day is celebrated simultaneously in many countries, whose culture, language and way of life are different, yet in every country, the purpose of celebrating it is only one - "environmental protection". If you also have a different way of celebrating this day, then you can share it in the comment box from us.

Some famous celebrities about Earth Day (Earth day quotes)

  1. According to Greg Dvorkin, the Earth Day program inspires more than a billion people in 175 countries to protect the environment by adding it as Earth Day, rather than proposing it for tea parties.
  2. Jerry Costello enthused the people and said that in celebration of this Earth Day, I request all senators or members of the House to clean the rivers, lakes, water of our nation and improve their quality. I want them to invest in this area.
  3. According to Jacqui Spear, every day should be Earth Day, every day we should keep investing in the future for a safe climate, for this, I am always ready to vote.
  4. According to Barry Commoner, 1970 Earth Day was the most important. The American people understood the danger of the environment and demanded action on it.
  5. According to Jai Inslee, we have had huge success as Earth Day, because such a program has encouraged the environment rescue and energy conservation policy by embracing it in a very emotional way and having a visionary view on it.
  6. According to Ingrid Niekrich, if we try to reduce the suffering of animals while stopping the devastating effects of climate change, and the land, air, water and other natural resources, every day is Earth Day for us and We should celebrate it every day.
  7. According to Scott Peters, Earth Day reflects what we are doing to make our planet habitable and to keep it safe, and encourages us.
  8. According to Wendell Berri, there are as many species on this earth, that is, we are all the same.
  9. According to Henry David, thank God that man cannot fly, otherwise, it would have messed up the sky like the earth and reached it to the brink of ruin.
  10. Charles A. According to man, in order to know the importance of the earth, first of all, he should realize it by recognizing its values, God simplified the earth and the creatures living on it but man also complicated the simple life.
  11. According to Rachel Carson, people who want to see the beauty of the Earth for a long time and want to preserve it, they also understand the power of its storage very well.
  12. According to Ravindra Nath Tagore, we should keep trying to make the earth like heaven by decorating it with trees, talking to trees, listening to them, feeling all this gives heaven a feeling.
  13. According to Amit Ray, God wanted to make heaven and he built a house like earth as heaven, there will not be any earth-like life, beauty, love and so much peace in the entire universe, so while you are resident of this earth. So you enjoy living here and stay with all the creatures together.
  14. According to Viktor Paskavich, it is Earth Day, so can we believe that we can make changes by planting more trees than others.
  15. According to Alice Walker, I believed that it is difficult to save the earth and its associated spirit, people are taking it towards destruction, but the creatures living on the earth are very intelligent because they must first take their accountability to save it. Strive for this only by understanding.


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